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Cartridge release of Vecribbon for Vectrex

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Help Liv the ladybird navigate through a pulsating world of music-driven vectors in Vecribbon, our rhythm platformer for Vectrex.

You can find a playable demo of Vecribbon on the Freebies page!

The Vecribbon cartridge is now available for pre-order.

Shipping Charges

Shipping will automatically be calculated at checkout.

Packages will likely be shipped from Poland in custom shipping boxes to protect the beautiful Vecribbon box. They’ll be shipped via a reputable courier with insurance, signed delivery and tracking.

  • EU: €20
  • UK: €24
  • USA: €50
  • Rest of World: €55

Please see the updated note on shipping costs; we may be able to deliver to you cheaper, and refund the difference.

Package Contents

  • Vecribbon cart: High quality black Vectrex cart with a pretty sticker
  • Overlay: Beautiful multicolour overlay with correct corner and top cuts, made from 500 micron polycarbonate using a latex/UV digital process. Cuts are CNC’d, and edges milled.
  • Box: Classic-sized Vectrex game box with foam insert (rather than the thin white plastic)
  • Manual: Multi-page manual printed on quality paperstock
  • Surprise freebies: We’ll pack in some extra little goodies

Current Project Status

  • [100%] Manufacturers: All lined up. Production will be in Europe; no waiting for transport from China.
  • [95%] Product design: Packaging and artwork is very close to being ready to go
  • [99%] Game engine: The code’s ready, apart from any changes made as a result of demo feedback
  • [85%] Levels: We’re aiming for as many levels as we can fit on the 32Kb cart. This will likely work out to 10-12, and we have 7 ready to go.

You can keep abreast of final development at Fell’s Twitch 🙂


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