Free stuff, from the whole team and the personal archives of team members. Anyone who wishes to has full permission to redistribute these binaries; compilation cartridge makers, go right ahead!

Free tune: My Inner Sanctum / Ash

Here’s a slice of crisp-yet-hazy, heat-addled drum n bass courtesy of our very own Ash. Perfect for your summer evening BBQ vibes!

Grab it now (OGG)

Vecribbon: Demo 2

It’s too soon to call it the Spring Demo, so here’s “Vecribbon: Demo 2”!

This second Vecribbon demo includes a bunch of fixes and new features, and to celebrate we’ve swapped out “Snowfall” for another lovely tune, “Vibrate”. For details of changes, see here.

“Astronoma” also remains to test your skills!

Download ROM-only version (ROM, PDF manual)

Download all-in-one version (inc. emulator)

Vecribbon: Winter Demo

Guide Liv the ladybird through a musical obstacle course in this HARD 2-level preview of our upcoming full Vectrex cart release!

This playable demo features two levels; “Snowfall”, while no walk in the park, will help you find your feet and takes you on a journey through all the Vecribbon obstacles.

Once your skills are ready, you can tackle the brutal “Astronoma”!

Download ROM-only version (ROM, PDF manual)

Download all-in-one version (inc. emulator)

Vecribbon packaging preview

3D Vector Space Cab

3DVSC – Coding
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Available as a free ROM image download, here’s a full Vectrex game from 2017, for you to play on hardware or in an emulator.

3D Vector Space Cab was developed by Fell from scratch in 48 hours, during the Ludum Dare 38 game jam.

All development was livestreamed on Twitch, with viewers contributing gameplay ideas and inspiration. The continents of the little planet were named after the most active participants.

Download ROM Now (Free)

Raiding Party

A demoscene production for Vectrex, released at Nova 17 demoparty. Wherein we claim a world record dot count, demonstrate curved vectors, and take you on a fantasy adventure.

Several design elements from Raiding Party are incorporated in our upcoming game Rune.

Download ROM Now (Free)

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Fari Bars

We don’t just get up in your Vectrex!

Here’s one of our Amiga demoscene productions, released at the TRSAC party in 2015.

This is a jam-packed 64K intro which claims a world record in the implementation of Safari Bars 😉

Not only is it an OCS prod, it even runs on your unexpanded 512K Amiga, so there’s no excuse not to dig that A500 out.

Download LHA Archive Now (Free)