Vecribbon Status Update and UPGRADE!

It’s been FAR too long since an update; many apologies for that.

Show me the goods already!

Poland, where our manufacturers are, is finally opening up again. This means we can now move towards getting previews of the actual packaging and overlay, which we’ll share with you as soon as we have them!

Following any revisions needed there, we’ll be able to move to production and get the game shipped out to you.

We’ll soon have a full review of all shipping costs, and update you on the situation there. As mentioned before, if we’re able to get cheaper service we’ll be providing everyone with appropriate partial refunds.

Surprise Upgrade

While we’ve been waiting for our manufacturers to open their businesses up again, we’ve of course been working on the game itself. The game engine is considered complete, but we continue refining the levels and the songs.

It’s proven impossible to fit the number of levels onto a standard cart as we would like, while still retaining acceptable runtime performance via going pretty macro-crazy in the code!

So, as has been hinted at in other discussions, we’re delighted to let you know that Vecribbon will be a 64k game 🙂


3 thoughts on “Vecribbon Status Update and UPGRADE!”

  1. Thanks for the update, Fell. Good to read that things are progressing. Cool that you will go for the 64k cartridge and thus be able to provide many levels and songs in good performance. 🙂

  2. Yes, I already pre ordered months ago…no hurry mates…take your time, make this the majestic game we all have been waiting for…a few more months here or there won’t matter, just do it…put it all in and turn VecRibbon into magic, and experience worth waiting for…

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