Vecribbon Playable Demo NOW AVAILABLE!

Vecribbon demo launched! Happy New Year from Shattered Screens

We’re really happy to be able to bring you the Vecribbon Winter Demo — a playable preview of our upcoming cart release, featuring “Astronoma”, a really gnarly level which will definitely make the final release, as well as “Snowfall”, which may end up being exclusive to the demo.

Get it right now on the Freebies page. We even have an all-in-one package if you don’t have an emulator to hand — ain’t we good to you?

Happy New Year from Shattered Screens!

6 thoughts on “Vecribbon Playable Demo NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. This looks very promising, thx for releasing this demo. For the “icing on the cake”, I’m still dreaming about the possibility of the option for feeding audio in through Player 2 port, and having the vector graphics sync with the base 🙂

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  3. Hi
    Will it be possible to buy an ROM version with PNG overlay ? Because it’s work very well on emulators. And some like me love this console. But i will never buy a real one, i prefer playing on modern material with modern emulator. I buy many homebrew on many platform every year, please consider us when you will have sold all your physical cartridge. Thanks

  4. Hi Fabien,

    We absolutely do respect the position of emu-only collectors, especially those who would like to buy ROM images and support development on their preferred platforms!

    While we won’t be offering digital downloads initially, it certainly remains a possibility for the future (and as you say, after physical carts are sold).

    In the meantime, we can promise that we’ll continue to share any further tech developments by way of free demo ROMS (as with the new Demo 2), with the only difference between the demo and the full release being the number of songs.

  5. It would of been nice to see VecRibbon released on June 21, 2021…World Music Day….maybe now you can add Manic Depression (Hendrix) to the VecRibbon track…I’d even wait til next June 21, 2022 for that…

    1. It would indeed! No excuses here; only progress 🙂 You’re not going to have to wait till next WMD/WOMAD, I can promise that much 😀

      Err.. that might be the first actual tune request we’ve had :O Paging Ash — can we cover it?!

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