Polycarbonate Dreams

The search for the perfect overlay continues! Look at these beautiful samples of highly transparent coloured polycarbonate.

Soon these beauties will meet an actual Vectrex, and we’ll mock up how some different single-colour options look.

This is a backup plan, and in the meantime we remain on the search for a gradient process that won’t introduce too much diffusion.


5 thoughts on “Polycarbonate Dreams”

  1. Awesome updates…..you know there is always going with a similar overlay to Scramble, how one color progresses into another color with wide to finer lines…not true gradient, but always an option…you and the team will figure out the right combination…keep up the superior work…

    1. Indeed, and it’s very effective — I love playing Vecribbon with a Scramble overlay! We’re looking at possible ways to manufacture similar; though it may well prove cost-prohibitive. We’ll see!

  2. Just wanted to add that I really like the Blue Swatch on the 2nd row, 2nd from the left, the Green Swatch on the 2nd row, 2nd from the right and the Yellow Swatch on the 4th row, 1st from the left..only my thoughts…I am sure you will make it beautiful

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