Vecribbon Overlay Vote: Final Round!

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the first round. Now it’s time to pick the final colour of Oracal 8300 vinyl film that will be bonded onto clear polycarbonate for the overlay.

The 5 most popular colours from the first round are each shown below. Personally I love all of them and would be happy with any of them becoming the ultimate victor πŸ™‚

Grass Green

(#15 from Round 1)

Blue Green

(#18 from Round 1)


(#23 from Round 1)


(#24 from Round 1)


(#29 from Round 1)

With the Border

Thanks to Helmut for suggesting to include this! All the colours look good with the frame, though blue-green comes close to requiring an adjustment of the green in the border. Note that they’re shown here with the “chopping board” 5mm clear polycarbonate overlay preview.


This time, just choose your one favourite. Please base your decision more on how the vectors are coloured in-game, rather than how the colour looks with a white background. Results will be announced in a week or so.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Pick your favourite colour!

14 thoughts on “Vecribbon Overlay Vote: Final Round!”

  1. Since we are narrowed to one 1 pick for final colour, I think Pink is the way to go. And this wasn’t even one of my first choices…but now that I think about the final decision, we need a vibrant Pink overlay Vectrex game….good work Fell and Team….

  2. I’ve voted for #15 Grass green. One might be tempted to use pink or violett because of its “origin” on the Playstation and it’s surrealistic scenarios.

    But I think pink and violett wouldn’t do well with the non-transparent dark green frame printed on the overlay. Also, for VecRibbon I’d rather go for realism and colours that are seen in nature.

    Just my 2 cents…

    1. I originally chose Green Swatch #15, with Blue and Yellow too, I agree on the natural nature look as well….although there are so many green overlays, and I tried several on VecRibbon demo with the Green and then with some custom other colour screens, blue, yellow, red, purple and pink…the pink could be nice as a morning sky against the green hills and white clouds…a nickel for my thoughts

  3. Originally I voted for all flavors pink, to give pink a chance. Now I have to decide on just one??! Hmmmm… I’m going with straight up pink, since it’s the brightest without being washed out or too white, and I think it will match the green inks in the overlay. #gopink

  4. Nice, excellent decision, although a splash of Pink would have been delicious looking, even if not, still a great pick overall…and might we now receive our long awaited VecRibbon boxed games by xmas….

    1. I agree, even though I was with Team Pink I think it will look great. Watch this space — we are now ordering enough sheets of beautiful blue-green Oracal direct to our overlay manufacturer πŸ™‚

  5. Happy Holidays Shattered Dream Team….I was looking for my VecRibbon package for xmas, but it looks like it might not arrive until 2022…best to all of you in the New Year…

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