Not The End

This is a hard post to make, even though I’ve already sent it privately to a few people who reached out.

Without going into too much detail, in July I suffered a very close bereavement which left me totally useless for the rest of the year.

Now, picking up my life again, I feel it’s just been too long to continue trying to push Vecribbon to physical production and expect people to wait any longer. Even with the last 10% of the work to go, the road looks impossible.

I’ve felt really sad about letting everyone down; however, I now believe we’ve worked out a way to fix everything.

Firstly, we’re going to fully refund all Vecribbon pre-orders tomorrow (Fri 3 March).

The only reason this post wasn’t made public a couple of weeks ago is because we needed to move some money into the PayPal account to be able to cover what we’ve spent on prototyping and pre-production, as well as to make sure we can cover the PayPal fees – this ended up taking longer than expected. Apart from that, the PayPal funds haven’t been touched.

That’s the first stage of our plan to “fix” it. We absolutely will not do pre-orders on physical products again. After refunding all Vecribbon pre-orders we’re going to go fully digital for now. Our games will be digital downloads with a pay-what-you-want pricing model, and we’ll support this with a merch shop.

This means we won’t have to worry about having already taken money before we have a product, and we can hopefully regain some of the reputation that has no doubt been burned with Vecribbon.

I think it’ll also let us release much more stuff, with all hobby-development time over the last couple of years having been taken up with trying to get to physical release on a game that was largely finished ages ago.

I really hope this is all OK with you all, and that Shattered can dig ourselves out of what’s become a hole of anxiety.

A few people have asked what will happen to the physical stuff we do have, and whether there will be any opportunity to buy the prototypes. We’ll address that once we’ve got the refunds processed.


12 thoughts on “Not The End”

  1. Christopher Salomon

    Good to here from you.

    I hope you get it all under control soon and you fully recover.

    If you need any help contact me – you have my contact info .


  2. Thanks for the update โค I’m sorry to hear about the bereavement and hope you are on the road to healing, Fell. Glad to hear about the digital downloads, and pay-what-you-want should likely have a minimum, and way to update the amount after a trial run ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I would do an eBay listing for any Vecribbon prototype stuff, and let the collectors duke it out there๐Ÿ˜œ

  3. I’m sorry for you loss. A wise person once said that the priorities in life should be: Health, Family, Work, Hobbies, in that order.
    I am a simple man in that I think that a problem with a solution is no longer a problem. In a similar fashion, a delay with an attached reason and apology is no real delay in my book.

  4. In a time of loss for so many, I hope you can treat yourself kindly and that others do the same. I am still super excited for the game and if down the road it sees a physical release Iโ€™m still all-in for it.

  5. Chris Vectrexer Romero

    Thank you for the update! My sympathies for your life difficulties at the moment. I do hope this time can offer some support and upsides for you too. No matter what the near term future holds for your gaming titles maybe we can see both the physical release and digital release in the future. Similar to Brett’s statement, I would also suggest either a private or public prototype auction sale. Mostly to let the enthusiastic supporters assist you in current costs. And maybe help with future production too. In the meantime wishing you best health and peace.

  6. Take care of you and thanks for updating and sharing.Let memories of the lost one become your treasure and force.

  7. I can imagine that all this was not easy for you. Neither the last year nor the reversal of the presale. I wish you all the best and look forward to the digital downloads.

  8. Sorry for your loss. If you ever need help i would gladly help design produce and manufacture pcbs for you.

  9. You have my condolences on your loss. Thank you for communicating with us even in what must be a very difficult time. your proposed model going forward makes a lot of sense, especially given the current availability of multiple flash cartridge options and the improving emulations and FPGA options. I’m looking forward to whatever is next!

  10. I feel sorry to read about your loss, Fell. And about this difficult decision to refund all VecRibbon pre-orders. This is what had happened to Nico and me with Dark Tower and we had given the whole project to Sean Kelly. In the end a reasonable solution but at first it felt like sh#+. Your refunding clearly shows that you’re fine people and your thoughts about a future of VecRibbon and Shattered Screens are great. I wish you energy and hope for the coming time and am confident that things will end up well. All the best!

  11. During the past year I have often thought of you as terrible things happen to your neighbors to the east. I admire your decision to pause to focus on yourself and healing. I wish you well.

    Rob M. — coordinator of bulk USA shipping.

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