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We now have one group buy set up, and I think the way we’ve done it should work for anyone else who’d like to do similar.

If you are able to self-organise into a shipping group with a nominated recipient, get in touch with us. We’ll work out the shipping cost for the number of games the group wants, then have the nominated recipient send a one-off payment for shipping.

Then, everyone in the group gets a coupon code for free shipping at checkout, and can go ahead and order. As with individual shipping, when we actually ship we’ll refund the nominated group recipient any final cost difference.

NOTE: Someone can be included in a group buy even if they have already ordered — in that case, we can refund the shipping cost they have already paid.

The one thing this doesn’t cover is getting the games from the group-nominated recipient to the final recipient; you need to work that out on your side. Of course, group buying does require mutual trust between everyone in the group, so please proceed carefully!

Looking for a group buy to join, or looking to start one? Try the “Vectrex Fans Unite!” group on FB.


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